was established in 1985 as a trading company to supply chemicals and machines in sugar industry and other industries. From the specific market at the beginning, the company gains more reputation from supplying high quality and reliable products.


“As a result, the company enjoys steady growth and diversifies to various market segments with several kinds of products covering Chemicals”

such as Flocculant, Biocide, Antiscale, Antifoaming, Boiler Compound, Boiler Keeper, Pan Aids, Antilichen, Acid-inhibitor, Caustic Additive, Decolorizing Agent etc. and Industrial Equipments and Machines such as Solid-Liquid Separator, Reduction Gear, Vibration Motor, Polybaffle, Well Sizer, Economizer, Continuous Vacuum Pan, Massecuite Reheater, Jet Condenser, Trayless Clarifier, Bagasse Dryer, Fluidized Bed Dryer & Cooler, Shelf Dryer & Cooler, Wet Scrubber, Ion-exchange Resin System, Industrial Fan, Spray Pond Nozzle, Agitator or Mixer, to name a few.

“More than two decades from establishment, the company has successfully diversified to engage in other business activities as the Equipment Manufacturing and Engineering service.”

The company aims at producing reliable and durable machines by implementing computer aided design and stringent process control.

Therefore the customers can rely on durability of the product and after sales service. Taking everything into account, our customers will realize that Wellman's products offer the best return on investment.

Furthermore for ethanol plant we provide Project Management Service, Site Fabricated Tanks, Equipment / Piping System Installation, Cassava Pre-treatment Plant including Hammer Mill, Special Vibration Screen, Slurry Tank Mixer, De-sand unit and all the related conveyors. Moreover we also provide the Cassava Starch Liquefaction and Saccharification Plant (EPC Project) with Molasses Base and Cassava Base flexibility.


  • Energy Saving
  • Productivity
  • Friendly User
  • Reduce Maintenance