Continuous Vacuum Pan

Continuous Vacuum Pan

Horizontal pan type with vertical tube calandria mounted along the shell axis and patented built-in heating condensate chamber

• Benefits

• Steam saving : Steady steam demand. No wasted steam during stop/start the pan.

• Energy saving : Low boiling head and high heating surface to volume ratio allows the use of lower grade vapour.

• Product quality : steady operation provides predictable crystal growth.

• Operator savings : Automated pan, less operator requirement.

• Space saving : 50-60% of pan floor space needed for equivalent batch pan capacity.

• Special feature for Bosch-Wellman CVP

• Pantented built-in steam heated condensate chamber promoting massecuite circulation and inhibiting build-up in this area.

• Can be operated with V3 at 85 kPa abs.

• Unique feed distribution.

• Proved “plug flow” with no stagnant zone.

• Operator friendly : all valves and controls are easily accessed from platform

• Baffled Calandria : Uniform steam distribution and effective purging of incondensable gases