Chainless Diffuser

Chainless Diffuser

The Chainless Diffuser eliminates the need for chains and a diffuser headshaft. Instead, the diffuser floor consists of screen modules that run the entire length of the diffuser. Each of these modules moves independently of each other, and by employing the correct sequence of movement the cane is conveyed through the diffuser. These individual modules are actuated by hydraulic cylinders and a specialized control system.

• Benefits with Chainless Diffuser

• No expensive gearbox, head shaft, chains or heavy steelwork.

• No expensive chain replacement every 10 years.

• Expandable

• No expensive spare parts.

• Can be retrofitted into an existing chain-type diffuser.

• Less capital cost for the similar performance in comparing to a conventional diffuser.

• Benefits compared to milling

• 98% extraction by chainless diffuser is achievable.

• Diffusers are easier to operate. With simple instrumentation, one diffuser operator is suffi cient.

• Less capital cost for the similar performance in comparing to the mills.

• Maintenance costs of diffusers are approximately 50–60% of mills.

• Diffusers fit co-generation, using less high pressure but more process steam.