Modular Evaporator

Modular Evaporator

The multiple calandria arranged around the central gas/liquid separator vessel. The multiple calandria vessel receive clear juice below the tube plate and discharge the wo phase fluid into separator vessel.

• Can be design for short tube(same length as Robert type) or longer tube(same length as semi-Kestner or Kestner).

• Has the stand-by unit to swap with the scaled calandria vessel and clean up the scaled one, no need to stop.

• Benefits :

• Eliminate the stoppage time for cleaning the evaporator tandem.
• Always deliver the constant brix of syrup/juice because the HTC is always high with scheduled cleaning each calandria vessel.
• Easy to increase the capacity by adding more calandria vessel.
• No need for building structure, the vessels can stand on their structure.
• There is no enclosed space when do the mechanical cleaning.
• Less CAPEX when compare with evaporator station with stand-by tandem.